Terms and Conditions for Distributors

  1. Any person at least eighteen (18) years of age or older and legally competent to enter into a contract may apply as a distributor of Certus Global Solutions Inc.
  2. Upon accomplishment and acceptance of this agreement, the application shall become a Distributor of Certus Global Solutions Inc. As such he/she shall have the right to sell the products, received sales training from the company, and patronize and promote the business in accordance with the plan set forth by the company.
  3. This contract does not create any employee/employer relationship between the distributor and Certus Global Solutions Inc.
  4. The Distributor shall not alter, repackage, relabel, or otherwise change any product, sell any such product under any name or label other than that authorized by Certus Global Solutions Inc.
  5. The Distributor shall not convey, assign, or otherwise transfer any rights arising hereunder without the prior written consent of Certus Global Solutions Inc. The use of Proprietary trade names, trademark, or other property of Certus Global Solutions Inc. without it's prior written consent is strictly prohibited.
  6. The distributors shall make no claims or misrepresentations of the therapeutic or curative properties regarding Certus Global Solutions Inc. products or claims involving the compensation plan, not contained in its official business manual.
  7. The Distributor's compensation is establish by the compensation plan consisting solely of commissions, rebates, and/or bonuses relating to the sales or other output derived from in-person sales, solicitations, or orders from ultimate consumers.
  8. Certus Global Solutions Inc. shall have the full authority make necessary deductions for tax purposes from distributor's commissions without the need of further written consent.
  9. The Distributor agrees that Certus Global Solutions Inc. has the right to enhance, modify or alter it's policies and guidelines without prior notice and terminate this agreement on grounds inimical to the interest of the company and it's members.
  10. The Distributor agrees that providing of false or misleading information authorizes Certus Global Solutions Inc. at its option, to declare this Agreement void from the time of its inception.
  11. As required by the monthly sales program (MSP), CGS Distributor must purchase at least P500.00 worth of products every month to reactive their accounts. The MSP amount due for the month will be carried over the succeeding month if the distibutor fails to comply the required purchase amount.
  12. Status of Distributor:
    Dealers shall be classified either as an Active Independent Distributor (AID) or an Inactive Independent Distributor (IID). Any Dealer who fails to Qualify to our monthly sales program (MSP) for a period of Six (6) consecutive months shall be classified as an IID. All accrued sales commissions, and all commissions that may thereafter be earned shall be forfeited in favor of Certus Global Solutions Inc. and their accounts will be permanently Disable.
  13. All actions or proceedings arising out of or in connection with the relationship between a Distributor and CGS Inc shall be brought exclusively before the courts of Quezon City, Philippines.