• WINS Agaricus Coffee 9-in-1
    It contains natural ingredients that promote good health and wellness. We use time-tested, natural herbs that have been blended with the WINS 9-in-1 Coffee to make up a superior mix drink.
  • WINS Agaricus Slim & Healthy
    The power of Agaricus Mushroom, and the unique blend of L-Carnitine and Garcinia Gambogia, which are proven to be effective in weight control.
  • WINS Healthy Juice
    It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals micronutrients, phytochemicals, amino acid, chlorophyll, enzymes and fibers.
  • WINS Chocolate Drink
    A delicious Blend of finest chocolate with the goodness and health benefit of Agaricus, Moringa and Gingko Biloba.
  • SeaWonder Health Drink
    Fucoidan has been scientifically proven to enhance immunity and cellular health to the point where it helps heal wounds, supports normal blood pressure, detoxifies the body against heavy metals, helps prevent the common colds and flu as well as, yes fight Cancer.
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